Leaders to Present at Employee Ownership Conference 2016

Members of are set to attend and present on various topics relating to Employee Stock Ownership Plans at the Employee Ownership Conference 2016. The Employee Ownership Conference 2016 will be held in Minneapolis, MN from April 12th – 14th.

The coordinators of this year’s event have stated that the Employee Ownership Conference 2016 is sold out with over 1,600 planning to attend. The conference will afford the opportunity for educational sessions by the following presenters and other leading experts in ESOP. The website for the Employee Ownership Conference 2016 is

Among the presenters and attendees at this year’s Employee Ownership Conference are valued members of Please see below the topics on which members will be speaking as well as Members that will be attending the booth at the Employee Ownership Conference:

The Ingredients of ESOP Feasibility - April 12 at 10:30 am

Danielle Montesano of First Bankers Trust Services

(630) 986-0900    

Herding Cats:  Who Does What in an ESOP Transaction – April 13 at 1:30pm

Wendy Gilligan of Chang, Ruthenberg & Long PC       (916) 357-5660

Description: What do all of those people do?  And when?  Wendy is an ESOP attorney who guides sellers, companies and trustees through ESOP transactions.  Join her and her co-panelists, Trustee Daniel Reser and valuation expert Donny Springer of Columbia Financial Advisors, for an inside look at the parties’ roles, the timing of a transaction and how to get all of those cats moving in the same direction.

Employee Engagement: Connecting Employee Behavior to Stock Price - April 14 at 9:15 am

Chris Kramer of Strategic Equity Group              (714) 380-3300

Description: All companies perform better when their employees are engaged and aligned with the Company’s mission, vision and values.   Chris Kramer, who has worked with hundreds of ESOP companies over the years, will moderate this session to help attendees understand how to increase employee engagement and show employees how their behavior can positively impact the stock price.

Monitoring and/or Replacing your Trustee  April 12th from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m.

Patrice Radogna of Valuation Research Corporation    (781) 501-1386 or (781) 551-0850

Description: As one of several ESOP practice group leaders at VRC, Patrice has deep experience with ESOP clients and will share her experience at this important conference,” said Chris Mellen, Managing Director. Patrice Radogna’s presentation on the topic “Monitoring or Replacing Your Trustee” is scheduled as a breakout session; Radogna’s fellow panelists at the presentation include an ESOP attorney and ESOP trustee. Their combined expertise will deliver a powerful, informational presentation.

Preparing Defensible Forecasts:  Advice from a CPA - April 13 at 10:15 a.m.

Chris Best of Acclaro Valuation Advisors    (866) 895-6222

Description: Courts and regulatory bodies are increasingly focusing their attention on the reliability of the prospective financial information used in valuations. This session will cover the different types of prospective financial statements and will outline a proven process that results in a forecast that can withstand this scrutiny.  Mr. Best has prepared 100s of prospective financial statements over his 34 year career as a CPA and business appraiser.

Amber Lloyd and Andrea Bennett – Attending Booth

Retirement Management Services, LLC     (502) 719-0574

Description: Amber and Andrea are excited to be travelling to Minneapolis in April for the 2016 National Center for Employee Ownership Conference.  As consultants working with employee-owned companies they look forward to reconnecting with colleagues and clients at the 3-day event.  For more information on how Retirement Management Services can help simplify your ESOP administration and enhance your ESOP design to fit your company and your employees, please contact them at or stop by to visit them at the ESOPMarketplace booth at the NCEO Conference.

Properly Protecting Yourself with Fiduciary Liability Insurance - April 12 at 3:30

Jeffrey S. Gelburd of Murray Securus, LLC           (717) 620-2476

Description: Discussion on what your exposures are as an ESOP Fiduciary and how to protect yourself by purchasing the correct insurance policy. Joining Jeff Gelburd will be Brian Hector of Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP. Jeff is well known in the ESOP fiduciary liability insurance field and administers an affinity insurance program endorsed by The ESOP Association.

The Art of Seller Financing: Balancing the Financial and Legal Trade-Offs – April 12 at 3:30pm

Kevin Long of Chang, Ruthenberg & Long PC        (408) 467-3860

Description: An overview of how and whether to incorporate various forms of seller financing in transactions and its implications for the seller, the company and the ESOP.

Changes to the IRS Determination Letter Program  - April 13 at 11:15 am

Marc S. Schechter of Butterfield Schechter LLP          (858) 444-2300

Description: The IRS changed the favorable determination letter process.  This session will explain how these changes impact plan sponsors and document providers.

John P. Murphy – Attending at Booth

Atlantic Management Company, Inc.       603-427-8761 (direct)

Details: Atlantic Management Company, Inc. is a leading valuation and financial advisory firm serving the business, legal and financial communities from our offices in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Founded in 1968, the firm’s Valuation Group provides business valuations, fairness and solvency opinions.  The Ownership Transition Group specializes in ESOPs, mergers and acquisitions, and business succession strategies for privately owned companies and public companies desiring to go private.

From Year-End to Valuation to Administration: Practical Guidance – April 14 at 9:15 am

Tom Potts of Fiduciary Trust Services, Inc.      (317) 888-1400

Details: Tom Potts, a member of ESOPMarketplace and serves as an ESOP Trustee is joining a panel presentation: “From Year-End to Valuation to Administration: Practical Guidance” This session should be particularly helpful to newer ESOPs and employees who play various roles in the administration and compliance of their ESOP.  We intend to highlight steps in the process which can bog down, provide heartache, or become overly burdensome, and suggest ways of mitigating problems.

Joan M. Cannon – Attending at Booth

McGrath North      (402) 633-1430        

Details: Joan M. Cannon is attending the ESOPMarketplace booth.  Joan is an ERISA attorney specializing in ESOPs, executive compensation and all ERISA plans.  She serves as ERISA counsel in ESOP stock transactions, mergers and acquisitions, DOL audits and general compliance matters.  With over 30 years practicing law, Joan is experienced, practical and strategic in her work with all types of companies and organizations.

Succession Planning for an ESOP Transaction  - April 13 at 1:30 pm

Jack Veale of PTCFO, Inc.

(860) 232-9858    

Details: Jack Veale, founder of and the leading family and ESOP management consultant on ownership and management succession, is speaking in a panel presentation on the subject of: " Succession Planning for an ESOP Transaction" Jack Veale will be covering best practices and relating some ESOP war stories to illustrate what it takes to ensure ESOP company sustainability.

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