Participants Offering Free Private Consultations at NCEO Conference in Pittsburgh. Signups Available at Booth #28 logo

This year’s NCEO Conference is being held in Pittsburgh, PA - April 9-11. exists to match Business Owners or ESOP executives, with free initial advice regarding business and management transitions, or ESOP services. Our members of will be making themselves available for a limited number of free, private consultations during the conference.

The ESOP advisers that makeup understand that the complexities of ownership transitions and management succession can be daunting. That’s why we are setting up these free consultations for NCEO conference attendees; to give executives and business leaders the information they need to make high-level, strategic planning decisions for their future and the future of their company.

Some of the ESOP advisors available for free, private consultations are:

·         Joan Cannon of McGrath|North Attorneys

·         Tom Potts of Fiduciary Trust Services, Inc.

·         Amber Lloyd of Retirement Management Services, LLC

·         Dan Reser of Fiduciary Services, Inc.

·         Jack Veale of PTCFO, Inc.

We are asking conference attendees to schedule their time to meet with one of our ESOP advisors before arriving. Open spots are limited, so click the person’s name and set up your appointment or stop by our Booth #28 at the NCEO Conference in Pittsburgh to schedule a time to talk while there.

About ESOP Marketplace is a community of multi-disciplined ESOP Advisors who have a successful history of assisting business owners with their ownership and management transition. is designed to guide business owners and their local advisers or key managers to select the best choices for the selling shareholder or other stakeholders.


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