Jack Veale, Founder of ESOPMarketplace.com, to Speak at the NCEO Fall ESOP Forum

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Topic: Succession: Navigating Through Conflicts and Difficult Conversations

The members of the ESOPMarketplace.com are pleased to announce that the ESOPMarketplace.com founder, Jack Veale will be involved in round table discussions at NCEO's Fall ESOP Forum.

The NCEO Fall ESOP Forum is a virtual event that will take place September 22-24, 2021. The 2021 Fall ESOP Forum theme is evolution: how ESOPs have evolved and will continue to transform with this new decade and generation.

Jack Veale, an internationally recognized business succession consultant, will participate in discussions on the 23rd with other professional ESOP consultants. Those discussions are designed to help business owners understand their role and the complexities of ESOP transactions.

Mr. Veale's primary topic for these discussions will be: Succession: Navigating Through Conflicts and Difficult Conversations.

In his presentation, Mr. Veale will discuss the various conflicts that arise throughout the business lifecycle and how to avoid and/or bring resolution to those conflicts.

Regarding the NCEO Fall ESOP Forum, Mr. Veale said, "The NCEO has put together a fantastic lineup of speakers for the round table discussions, including many from ESOPMarketplace.com. I'm honored to be included and excited about helping company leaders better understand the nuances of conflict navigation throughout the business succession process.

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