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Six ESOP industry leaders speaking at the ESOP Association's 2016 Las Vegas Conference & Trade Show are members of the community.

​Members of are set to attend and present on various topics relating to Employee Stock Ownership Plans at the Las Vegas ESOP Conference & Trade Show - November 10 -11, 2016, at Caesars Palace.

The Las Vegas ESOP Conference & Trade Show is the largest ESOP conference in the world. Event coordinators describe the conference as “the premium venue for understanding the technical aspects of managing an ESOP and complying with federal laws and regulations.”

We are thrilled to have these outstanding members of the community sharing their expertise with the attendees of the 2016 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show.

Jack Veale, Founder of

More than 150 speakers will be presenting in over 60 sessions during the conference.

Among the presenters and attendees at this year’s Las Vegas ESOP Conference & Trade Show are valued members of Please see below the topics on which members will be speaking:

Legal and Regulatory Update: Repeat

This session will provide an overview of judicial decisions and agency guidance over the past year. Both L&R Update sessions, although presented by different speakers, will cover the same material.

Gregory K. Brown, Holland & Knight LLP

Segregation of Terminated Participant Accounts

The session will cover the reasons for and mechanics of account segregation – t he conversion of terminated participants’ accounts from employer stock to other investments. The presenters will address common concerns relative to segregation (such as the effect on repurchase obligation, cessation of terminated participants sharing in stock value increases or dividend allocations, and investment options for segregated funds) including investment by trustee, participant-directed investments within the ESOP, and the transfer of segregated funds to the company’s 401(k) plan.

Susan Petrirena, Swerdlin & Company

Duties and Responsibilities of Trustees

An overview of the duties and responsibilities of ESOP Trustees, including successor Trustees. This session is perfect for new trustees.

Merri E. Ash, First Bankers Trust Services, Inc.

ESOPs in Minority-Owned Businesses

WBE or MBE status may be vital to your organization, but can you retain this status as an ESOP owned company? This session will answer this question and cover the requirements of certification as well as the strategies for overcoming difficult obstacles for an ESOP company.

Lian Gravelle, ESOP Plus: Schatz Brown Glassman LLP (Moderator)

Board of Directors' and Trustees' Roles in ESOP Companies: Part 2 (Advanced)

What are the roles of the Board of Directors and the ESOP Trustee in connection with major corporate events like responding to offers to purchase the Company, making acquisitions of other companies, redeeming or issuing stock or warrants, incurring debt for any of those purposes, or awarding equity-based compensation? Is the answer different if Board members have a personal stake in the decisions? How should ESOP Trustees view proposed actions that could affect the ESOP’s investment in employer stock? Should Boards consider business decisions as having ERISA fiduciary implications? Should corporate assets of ESOP companies be viewed as plan assets?

Daniel M. Reser, Fiduciary Services Inc. (Moderator)

An Interactive Discussion of The Relative Roles of ESOP Trustees and Corporate Directors

A discussion of the relationships among the Board of Directors, Trustee, and ESOP committee or plan administrator; the responsibilities of the Board of Directors in appointing and monitoring the actions of the ESOP Trustee, and vice versa.

Danielle Montesano, First Bankers Trust Services, Inc.

Jack Veale, the founder of, said, “We are thrilled to have these outstanding members of the community sharing their expertise with the attendees of the 2016 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show.”

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