"Sudden Death Checklist" by Jack Veale Now Available

​Internationally recognized business consultant, Jack Veale and his “Sudden Death Checklist” launch team announced today the initial offering of his new business succession planning tool called “The Sudden Death Checklist”. The “Sudden Death Checklist” will be used by estate planners and wealth advisors to help guide their business-owner clients through a thoughtful process of gathering all of the information that their family and company managers would need in case of the business owner’s sudden death. By using the “Sudden Death Checklist” that the business owner has wisely left behind for them, the surviving family has easy access to all of the documents that will be needed to process the estate. This will save them a great deal of money in probate court costs. This is how the “Sudden Death Checklist” allows the owners, their spouses and children/family to have peace of mind knowing that their business is protected, their family is spared needless stress, and the business legacy they have worked so hard to achieve is secure in the event of their untimely passing.

The “Sudden Death Checklist” launch team expects that Jack Veale’s proprietary planning tool will become the standard tool and process used to protect both small family companies and large corporations in the event of the death of a key person – the business owner. This is due to the thoroughly comprehensive nature of the “Sudden Death Checklist” planning tool that Jack Veale has created. The launch team said, “At present, we are aware of nothing on the market that is so thorough and complete as Jack Veale’s ‘Sudden Death Checklist.’”

More information is expected to be released in the coming weeks regarding the full national rollout of Jack Veale’s “Sudden Death Checklist”.

About the Sudden Death Checklist

The “Sudden Death Checklist” has been formulated by Jack Veale over a number of years as he has pulled from his vast background, research, and practical experience of walking families through the stressful and difficult task of picking up the pieces and making plans for the future after their husband, father, and business owner has suddenly and unexpectedly died. By planning ahead, a business owner can lift some of this heavy burden off of his family and his business in advance. The “Sudden Death Checklist” is a complete planning guide that is used primarily by financial advisors as they work with the business owner in gathering all of the information that will be necessary for the family to have access to in the case of his sudden death. From passwords for his computer to current company projects and bank documents the “Sudden Death Checklist” process gathers all of the necessary materials into one convenient place and ensures continuity in a difficult time.

About Jack Veale

Jack Veale, CMC, is an internationally recognized consultant, who advises closely held, family-owned companies, including ESOPs, on business succession, ownership strategy and leadership development. Jack uses a number of tools to assess the organization on culture, leadership, and operating performance. Over the last 25 plus years, Jack has assisted hundreds of companies in many industries and countries, offering solutions covering strategic planning, succession planning, corporate governance, team training and crisis management.

Jack has authored or co-authored a number of books, including “Creating Strategic Innovation,” “Don’t Do That!”, and “Sudden Death Checklist for Business Owners and Their Families/Employees”.


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